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Mobile PCA Units with Genset

Luft Systems - Fresh Air System

Pre-Conditioned Air units available four(4) different models:

Gökser has been supporting the global civil and military aviation market with ground support equipment since 1987. We offer Mobile ACU systems with 4 different capacities:

Narrow body aircraft support: There are low capacity Mobile ACU units designed for example ATR-72, A-319, B-737/400.

Medium body aircraft support: We offer medium capacity Mobile ACU units designed for aircraft such as A-320, A-321, A-330, B-737/800.

Large body aircraft support: Our capability includes high capacity Mobile ACU units Optionally this sized Mobile ACU may come with an integrated GPU. These products support aircraft such as B777, B747, A340

X Large body aircraft support: This group Jumbo body aircrafat such as A-380, B-747-800

Gökser ground support PCA systems can be offered as separate units or combined in a compact form, including both APU and a GPU in a single unit.

Bridge Mounted (Pre-Conditioned Air) :

Fixed On Ground (Pre-Conditioned Air) :

Mobile PCA Units (Pre-Conditioned Air) :

Mobile PCA Units with Genset (Pre-Conditioned Air) :

Fresh Air System – PCA Hoses

PCA Hoses 

Hose Retriever

Pre Conditioned Air Systems – Hose retriever