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Luft Systems - Fresh Air System


Under-bridge PCA systems provides solutions for different aircraft types with automatic fault detection, optional AIDX, use of R-410A gas in accordance with environmental standards, determining needs according to aircraft type, user-friendly, environment-friendly and easy replacement modules. On the other hand, flexible aviation hoses are used to provide the connection between the air outlets located at fixed points on the devices located in different places in the environment where the vehicle is located and serviced, and the air inlets whose positions vary between models and to transport the air that has passed the mentioned process to the aircraft. The hose can reach lengths of 30 or 40 meters when fully opened and collected in the service area when not in use, unwound only to the required lengths.

With this machine, Gökser provides solution for occupational safety, efficiency of air conditioning systems and service life of hoses.

Bridge Mounted (Pre Conditioned Air) gokser havacilik
Fixed On Ground

Flexible, simple and innovative design
Easy and time-saving maintenance due to modular design
Savings on installation due to low input current
Optimal and efficient cooling thanks to variable frequency drives
Easy operation and maintenance
Passenger comfort and high air quality
Tested in a highly advanced in-house PCA climate chamber

No Features Dimensions
1 Refrigerant : R410a
2 Type of compressor : Scroll
3 Number of refrigreation circuits : 4
4 Air flow maximum :kg/min 210
5 Air flow maximum :kg/min 3,5
6 Static pressure (at air handling unit outlet) pa : 10500
7 Air outlet connection 1×355
8 Outside air temperature /relative humidity(summer)C/% 36/40
9 Outside air temperature /relative humidity(winter)C/% r.H -16/95
10 Supply air temperature/relative humidity (Depending on ambient

temperature, relative humidity and air flow rate)summer

Bellow “0 °C”
11 Supply air temperature/relative humidity (Depending on ambient

temperature, relative humidity and air flow rate)winter

12 Compressor Cooling capacity – kw 316
13 Compressor Cooling capacity – Tons 120
14 Heating capacity electrical strip heaters (optional)kw 180
15 Electrical power requirements – V / Hz. / Ph 380-400 / 50 / 3ph
16 Total power (Maximum) 250kw
17 Total power (Nominal) 185kw
18 Sound level at a distance of 3 meters – db A 89
19 Length 5000
20 Width 2300
21 Height 1600
22 Weight Bridge Mounted Unit 4080
23 Aircraft manufacturer A Airbus, B= Boeing, MD=McDonnell Douglas A319/A320/A321/A330