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Pre Conditioned Air For Aircraft

Luft Systems - Fresh Air System

LPCA-2 SERIES - Pre Conditioned Air For Aircraft -luftsystems Mobil PCA Ground Support Systems

Pre Conditioned Air For Aircraft; LuftSystem is a reliable solution partner for your GSE (Ground Support Equipment) needs.

LuftSystem has powerful know-how with precise cooling technologies. By this way, We manage to provide reliable, performance and electric consumption optimized our PCA (pre-conditioned air) Products.  We proudly introduce our PCA (pre-conditioned air) Product Family which is called LPCA. LPCA uses COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf)  Danfoss Frequency Drivers to control cooling capacity and to reduce power consumption. This COTS solution makes LPCA more reliable, maintainable since spare parts or the new products can be found easily almost in anywhere in the world. LPCA also reduces maintenance time by using Maintenance Free Scroll Compressor Technology. If a spare part needs to be used in anywhere in the world, so LPCA does. LPCA is compatible to operate in extreme weather conditions between -32 °C & +55 °C.

LPCA reduces turn-around time with complex built in controller which controls all cooling elements in the system.

LPCA has interchangeable cooling modules. This cooling modules provide redundant solution in case if a failure occurs in the system. Cooling modules can be changed in 15-20 minutes without need of expertized skills.


LPCA Advantages

Modular Interchangeable Design

Ease of Maintenance and Ease of Access to Spare Parts with COTS product all around the world.

Extreme Operating Temperature Conditions -32 °C & +55 °C.

Compatible with all Commercial Aircrafts: Narrow-Body, Wide-Body, Jumbo and Super Jumbo Solutions

%100 Fresh Air Quality for Crew and Passengers

Heating is provided as a Standard Feature. (Free of Charge)

CE Certified and Tested

Reduced Power Consumption with Frequency Converters

Precise Cooling by means of capacity control with embedded valves and Frequency Converters.

Embedded UV-C lights for Clean air

Wide Communication Range with other Products in the airport. MODBUS TCP/IP and MODBUS RTU is served as a standard future which allows Ethernet and Serial RS485 communications. Optional CANBUS is available.

Environment Friendly by using R410 refrigerant. R410a is a HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) refrigerant therefor it does not has any ozone depletion potential (ODP = 0 (Zero)).

Epoxy Coated Micro Channel Condensers. High corrosion protection in Micro-channel condenser with epoxy coating, resistance to salt fog according to ASTM B117, resistance to seawater according to ASTM G85 Annex A3, UV resistance according to ASTM G154.


We divide LPCA Family into 4(four) different groups according to their purpose. LPCA can be Fixed on the Ground (LPCA 1-Series G), Bridge Mounted (LPCA 1-Series B), Mobile (LPCA 1-Series M) or Mobile with Generator Set (LPCA 2-Series).


LPCA 1-Series G (Fixed on the Ground) and LPCA 1-Series B (Bridge Mounted) are same devices with different mechanical interfaces to be able to fix on the ground or to mount to the bridge.


LPCA 1-Series M (Mobile PCA) has wheels and tow bar to be able to be towed with carts at the airport.


LPCA 2-Series (Mobile with Generator) is a Mobile PCA device with wheels and tow bar which also capable of generating its own electricity with embedded Genset (Generator Module)


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